No Big-bang and black-hole

February 1, 2010 | Fractal universe

Website : Observational evidences against big-bang and black-hole

The basic ideas of this new theory of the universe, which has no beginning and end, are presented in the website. It contains visually rich presentation of the ways the cosmic structures take their births, undergo evolution from flat spiral disks to elliptical, and spherical shapes, and end their life by undergoing gradual process of decay, or through explosions.

 The visual material, used to support the ideas of the theory, are based on data from many sources, which are available in the websites of different observatories of the world. The analyzed data include observations in different wavelengths – from radiowaves and microwave to x-rays and gamma-rays. The theory is based on empirical evidences, which can be reproduced and tested by others. The ideas about how the universe may have been created, have emerged from the analysis of these data, rather than being influenced by the reigning theoretical model of the big-bang cosmology.

 In the course of elucidating the new ideas, the website reports the observational evidences that will go against the big-bang model, and instead supports the ideas of the existence of a totally different mechanism at the centres of galaxies than the dynamics driven by super-massive black-holes. The material includes flash-based lectures for different types of audiences (from layman to astrophysicists), as well as articles varying in the styles of presentation.  A few articles have formats suitable for publication in academic journals. The others are meant for communicating with people in different fields, who may be interested in the new creation  story.

 The website includes seven navigational buttons: Home, birth, evolution, decay, cosmic design, articles and author. Each of the first five buttons includes a lecture, which is focused to substantiate the claims of the new theory.

 The included lectures are the following:

 New Copernican Revolution: Multiverse with Parallel Universes, or Spiral Universe with Parallel Realities? ( A summary of the New Theory)

  1. Lecture 1 : View from the Centre of the Universe
  2. Lecture 2: Birth of Structures in the Universe: Everything are Born as Cosequence of Evolution at a Higher Scale
  3. Lecture 3: Black-hole Replaced by “Magic-Spiral Wand” of Creation of the Universe
  4. Lecture 4: Born as Spiral Die as Spiral: What is Death Then?
  5. Lecture 5: Timeless Cosmic Design: Brain is no Match to the Complexity of the Universe

 The articles include subjects related to the above lectures. In the article, which deals with the motions of stars in the galactic centre, it is shown that a completely different mechanism, which involves three-armed spiral dynamics, works  at the  centres of galaxies instead of  super-massive black-holes. Similarly, in the article about the WMAP data of the cosmic  microwave background fluctuations, it is shown that the origin of the so-called primordial fluctuations could be contaminations from clouds near our own galaxy, and the local universe. While arguing against the big-bang cosmology, new explanations for the observed microwave background radiation, and the recession of galaxies are proposed.

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