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January 28, 2010 | Fractal universe

Dr. Anup Rej
Dr. Anup Rej


Anup Rej got his B.Sc. honours in  physics from Scottish Church College in Calcutta, and M.Sc. in physics from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. He joined Research and Training School in Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta as a research fellow, and pursued research in theoretical nuclear physics.  He received his Ph.D. from the Calcutta University on the thesis “Photoproduction of Mesons off Complex Nuclei”, and got a government fellowship in 1971 to join the Nuclear Physics Group in the Physics Department, University of Oslo as a post-doctoral fellow. After two years in Oslo, he moved to the Department of Physics, University of Trondheim, and worked in the intermediate energy physics about the interactions of elementary particles with atomic nuclei until 1980.

He followed his wife to her assignment as a Norwegian diplomat to Bern in the same year, and joined as a visiting researcher at the Department of Theoretical Physics, University of Bern in Switzerland. While in Switzerland he came in close contact with the researcher in particle physics related to the activities at CERN. He did some work in particle physics, and at that time, got interested in cosmology. The great enthusiasm in string theory, among the particle physicists during 1980s, inspired him to work on higher-derivative theory of gravity for a while.

He moved to New York in 1982, and joined Department of Physics in the Stephens Institute of Technology, New Jersey where he was studying gravitational waves. After he abandoned nuclear physics and particles physics and started working in cosmology, it became frustrating. Being unbale to convince that his research may bring him any truth he was searching for, he went back to study Gauge field theory once more. He returned to Norway in 1986, and for a few years gave lectures on Field theory in the Department of Physics, University of Trondheim as a visiting professor, before sinking into a dark period  of his life.

He lost his only son in 1990 in a gondola accident on the Swiss Alps, near Geneva. It turned his life completely. He abandoned physics for some years, and searched for a way to find a meaning of life than pursuing an academic life that quenched no philosophical, or emotional thurst. He returned to physics  again in 1998, when a former colleague from Trondheim drew his attention to the questions of the mystery of the explosions in the universe releasing enormous amount of energy in gamma-rays. It became a new journey into the realm of Astrophysics and turned fascinating as he discovered that the cosmic bodies were built as fractal clumps.

In 1999 he expounded the theory of a fractal universe, which rose from itself, and returned to itself through a mechanism of ejection and accretion, going on in all cosmic scales, in the same universal manner, following a unique cosmic design. This design was a fractal knot, which entangled the micro-worlds, and the macro-worlds in inseparable ways. With this discovery he became convinced that he had found what he had been searching for – the key to understand the mystery of creation of a universe without beginning and end.

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