Timelessness in time

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The theory of “timelessness in time”, presented in this site, builds on the observation that turbulence and magnetic fields are the major arbiters in forming the cosmic structures – not the gravitational force. This theory leads to the existence of a fractal universe, which embeds self-similar structures in scales within scales. Everything, however small or large, is entangled with each other in a cosmic whole, like an inseparable fractal knot, which can never be disentangled. Everything that occurs in micro-scales is intimately related to the evolutions taking place in the macro-world. Large supports the small, the small feeds back and supports the existence of the large. There exists a non-local communications in the entire universe. Contrary to the big-bang ,which results from the solutions of the Einstein’s equations of gravity, the dynamics of the universe is primarily driven by turbulence and the magnetic fields that suffuse every corner of the cosmos.

Without assigning the role to gravity to assemble matter into clumps, how can one explain the creations of clumpy structures, which we observe in all cosmic scales? If big-bang has never occurred, how one could explain the recessions of galaxies, and the existence of the cosmic microwave background radiation? Which mechanism in the universe has created the super-clusters, clusters, galaxies, stars and planets? If there is no time in the universe how do the cosmic objects take birth, evolve and die? Are they not following the motions of time? Or what is time? If the universe has been arranged as a timeless fractal design, what causes the appearance of chaos and a constantly fluctuating world? How do we understand the formation of the solar system? How do we know that there exits a universal design in the universe, which self-creates itself from its own decay and death? What is the eternal dynamics which permeates all existence and sustains the universal plan? Who are the creator, and the created ones, when the existence of the micro-structures depends on the existence of the macro-structures and vice-versa? How do the created ones create the creator in whose womb they take their births?

One will get answers to these, and many other questions of fundamental importance. In contrary to the multiverse, there exists only one universe, with parallel realities experienced by individual inhabitants of the cosmos. These realities are products of the bio-physical mechanisms, and the limitation which these processes bestow on the observers of the “reality”. True reality is a superposition of all these realities experienced and observed by all different observers – from prokaryotic cells in bacteria to immensely complex biological systems, like different animal species on Earth. By transgressing one’s bio-physical limitations and extending the possibilities to gather information from realms which others, with different bio-physical capacities can access, we can share others’ experiences of reality. However, all these realities are parts of the same universe, which is uniquely and intelligently designed—unlike randomly popped up bubbles without any purpose and design. What we call realities are experiences of conscious observers, choosing to observe the phenomena in the world by using a particular instrumental structure of the brain, which is already constrained in its capacity due to its bio-physical nature of existence. Instead of infinite universes, we are entangled in a reality of a universe, where innumerable possibilities to observe, and realize the unique universe exist. I call them parallel realities.

The foundation of all these parallel realities lies in the same universe, which is operated by the same dynamics driven by a unique three-armed spiral structure. The universe has risen from this three-armed spiral form sitting at the position, where astronomers have observed the existence of the local void. The super-super-clusters appear as ejections from this void. The super-super-clusters break into clumps and give rise to super-clusters, which in turn break into clumps and form clusters, which, in its turn, break into fractal clumps generating galaxies and so on. Instead of bubbles, the universe is made of similar spiral clumps filling the cosmos in many different scales. Observed in any scale, the reality is a superposition of many realities experienced by observers, which are dependent on the methods of observations and the instrumental abilities of the observers.

The material in support of the theory can be found in the website  “No big-bang and black-hole” and the site containing the “YouTube videoes “.

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